Leaving Tenerife

I put my alarm at 06:00; I opened my eyes just before six and I saw this wonderful moon outside the window. I didn’t know it was time to get up, but I couldn’t let such a nice picture fly by, so I got up, I opened the window and snap!

The little orange light you see on the right of the image is a buoy anchored to the seabed. The seabed in that spot is 700m deep, more than 2.000ft.

Today we’ve done some night navigation and planet Uranus was very visible. The bright light at the top is Uranus and the smiley face is my dinner 🙂

Nothing special

Today nothing special happened. We were supposed to go sailing, but the weather forecast was very bad, so the instructor decided not to go out. So we have done a lesson on the boat about safety procedures.

I went at the bottom of the marina to take some pictures, including some infrared and ultraviolet.

Last night I cooked pasta with tuna anca chilli for everyone and I have no idea what we’re going to have tonight.